Windows Seat Cushions

It can be tedious to find the right sofa or chair for your room, and sometimes, the price just doesn’t match for what it is worth. You could even be thinking extra and might be looking for some window seating. But did you know our headboards can be used for your window seating design too? Providing its soft pillow workmanship, allowing you to feel the same comfort as any other chair or sofa could, a perfect match to consider our window seat headboards. Expanding the design possibilities of where it can be placed or match with its aesthetic surroundings, its application sets no boundaries. Its assembly should not be an issue, because without the need to call a professional, the window seat headboards can be velcroed or glued to any surface. Meaning that you can fit our window seat headboards in any area that you would like, places where perhaps it would not be possible for a chair to fit. Combined with its simplicity, its texture can be chosen by you, having a chequered or a two-toned effect, and an additional stockpile of colours that make the window seat headboards an almost mirror like image of your personality. Seats can be easily stained, which is why the window seat headboards are covered in a protective anti-stain layer, to make any cleaning just as fast. Any small crumbs can be easily vacuumed up, leaving no sign of impurity. Its comfort is reputable and is a must have if you are searching for an easy alternative to buying new seats. Both child and pet friendly, its durability should not be questioned, given the example that any spilt liquid can be wiped off easily using a damp cloth. Sizes and shapes included: BASIC.01 - 60x30 cm rectangles, 30x30 cm squares, BASIC.02 - 30x30 cm squares, 30x30 cm triangles, BASIC.03 - 90x15 cm rectangles, 60x15 cm rectangles, 30x15 cm rectangles, ABIES - 30x30 cm parallelograms, 30x15 cm parallelograms, 30x15 cm triangles.

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