Sound Absorbing Panels

Playing music on loudspeakers should be everyone’s right, even if you might be getting one too many noise complaints with that mindset. But after all, who doesn’t like music? Therefore, we take pride in bringing you our naturally noise cancelling headboards that can dampen up to 70% of the noise that is thrown at it. While also improving the acoustics of the space around you, by deflecting any stray sounds back, to bring you every valuable note to hear. Bringing fantastical aesthetic into your room, enough to start calling it a studio, the headboards soft pillow like texture is something you should not miss. Available in multiple designs to make sure it fits perfectly with your genre, coming in rectangles, triangles and even parallelograms. With your own choice of structured fabrics, being chequered or a two-toned effect, and an additional stockpile of colours that make the headboards an almost mirror like image of your personality.  Before being sent off, these sound cancelling headboards are covered in a protective anti-stain layer, so you don’t have to worry about ruining any of your music listening experience. Considering that the assembly should not be an issue either, because without the need to call a professional, the headboards can be velcroed or glued to any surface. Both child and pet friendly, its durability should not be questioned, given the example that any spilt liquid can be wiped off easily using a damp cloth. Sizes and shapes included: BASIC.01 - 60x30 cm rectangles, 30x30 cm squares, BASIC.02 - 30x30 cm squares, 30x30 cm triangles, BASIC.03 - 90x15 cm rectangles, 60x15 cm rectangles, 30x15 cm rectangles, ABIES - 30x30 cm parallelograms, 30x15 cm parallelograms, 30x15 cm triangles.

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