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Blue rectangle upholstered panel 60x15cm
  • Navy blue upholstered panel 60x15cm
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  • Blue rectangle upholstered panel 60x15cm

Blue Rectangle Upholstered Panel 60x15cm

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The possibilities of using Upholstered wall panels are virtually limitless. Unleash your creativity and realize what your imagination tells you.


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Navy Blue rectangle Upholstered wall panel 60x15cm.

Mollis upholstered wall panels are a great solution for arranging  the wall behind the TV, beds or simply as upholstered feature wall.

Due to its easy installation method it can be install by any person with basic DIY skills.

Our padded Upholstered wall panels are suitable to install to any wall witch thickness of 10mm and above.

Key features of Mollis Panels:


Acoustic insulation.

Wall Insulation.

A multitude of configurations.

Wide range of colours.

Simple and quick assembly.

Dimensional Accuracy.

Environmentally friendly materials.

Animal friendly.

Pleasant to the touch.

hydrophobic coating.

Easy to clean.

Our upholstered panels will not only care of the atmosphere in your home, but also protect the walls from cooling down.

Studies confirmed that Mollis upholstered wall panels suppress over 70% of noise and sound in rooms, they eliminate echo and mute the interior making it extremely cozy.

The simple but very robust structure of the upholstered panels allows to block the flow of cold air to the interior. MDF boards, appropriate sponge thickness and density, and high-quality fabrics guarantee a satisfactory insulation effect.

Every day use always under control.

Every day our homes faces many challenges. Dirty little hands, pet fur, traces of night food... Our upholstered Panels are very easy to clean every day. Just use vacuum cleaner and lightly wipe the fabric with a damp cloth or sponge. It's so simple!!

The pro-ecological approach of the brand allows to save forests. But that's not all. Mollis also care about afforestation of new areas.

A consistent environmental policy, together with high product quality and safety, are key elements of the brand business.

As part of the company's environmental policy, we selected the most optimal packing printing technology for the environment, which is characterized by:

- less use of paper, adhesive, paints and energy.

-use of recyclable materials.

The production of new ecological packing involves the use of:

- recycled cardboard.

- primary raw materials derived from responsibly managed sources (FSC certified)

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